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Aquaknect Flexible Pty Ltd, as it was known, began in Sydney in 1986. From Sydney, Aquaknect moved to Grafton, and from Grafton to Cronulla Court in Springwood, Brisbane, Queensland, where we incorporated with Euroflex. On July 1st, 1988, the company commenced production under a new banner Aquaknect Flexibles (A/Asia) Pty Ltd.

In 1989 distributors were officially appointed in each state, with the exception of Queensland where we traded in our own right.

Late 1990 was the beginning of Aquaknect’s endeavour to obtain Watermark Approval. This resulted in the commencement of Hydrostatic pressure testing of all braided hose, printing of ferrules for traceability and scrutinising of all purchased parts and components against official drawings and specifications.

Late 1991 through to 1992, as for many companies in Australia, proved to be a difficult period. The nationwide recession had hit, the purse strings were tightened and short days were the norm. By August 1992, steady growth saw the appointment of agents in both Victoria and Queensland. The domestic market increased by 50% and the contract for the supply of flexible connectors to Simpson/Email ensured that growth continued.

In 1993, Aquaknect Flexibles (A/Asia) Pty Ltd was granted Watermark Approval on 8mm and 10mm ID flexible connectors, along with Australian standards AS 3499 bringing us to the forefront of our industry.

July 1994, and negotiations for a new premises at Nestor Drive, Meadowbrook were underway and by Christmas there was talk of moving our not so small company.

1995 saw not only the move into larger premises, but the doubling of our manufacturing, an increase in factory staff, the introduction of a Production Supervisor and other key personnel to ensure our growth for the future.

In 1997-98 Braiding machines and Bobbin Rewinders were acquired which allowed Aquaknect Flexibles to be the only manufacturer of Flexible Connectors for the plumbing industry. Today we still remain the only true Australian manufacturer of braided stainless steel flexible connectors.

1997 also saw the accreditation of Aquaknect’s Quality Systems to Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO9002: 1994, with re-accreditation obtained as result of the triennial audit in February 2000.

2000 was not only the turn of the new millennium, but the turning of the page for Aquaknect. The set-up of our own maintenance workshop and the appointment of the National Sales and Marketing Manager allowed us to be masters of our own destiny.

2001 saw the start of our expansion program, which included the relocation of our braiding department to new premises around the corner from our head office. This allowed us to expand our existing facilities to cope with future demand.

2002 saw Aquaknect open our warehouse in Sydney.

June 2008 saw the new ownership by Flex Industrie take effect.

February 2009 saw Aquaknect open it's own warehouse in Cheltenham, Victoria.

The above milestones are only the beginning of Aquaknect’s long history and its dedication to the future.