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How to order flexible connectors

1. Use designated Code Number, selecting by flexible internal diameter, type of fitting and length required.

If length is not shown, always select next code up - DO NOT select lower code number.

For example:

a. Standard length
10mm ID x 400 x 1/2" F/Flat = Code Number WF0174

b. Non Standard Length
15mm ID x 450 x _F/Cone x _F/Cone = Code Number WF0401/450

3. If fitting combination of end fittings is not shown, please contact Aquaknect Flexibles A/Asia for special pricing.

Overall length is defined as distance from one fixed fitting to fixed fitting, as shown in the diagram below. The measurement is not taken from the face of the nuts, nor does it take into account any adapters which may be supplied with the product.

All fittings unless specifically noted are BSP. All female Flat Seats include washers.

No order will be accepted where the Overall length is less than that indicated in the table below:

ID mm Minimum L.O.A. - mm
8 100
10 100
12 130
15 150
20 170
26 220
32 250
40 400
50 500

Minimum Straight Section Lengths

As we manufacture in Australia and dont rely on imports, we are capable of many variations and adaptions. If you have any special requirements, just ask one of our helpful staff, or fax us a drawing.

The Aquaknect Flexible range of end fittings is extensive and this catalogue showcases our core range.

However, should you require any variations to those listed, please contact Aquaknect Flexible national head office on 1300 304 088.

ID mm A B
8 100 25
10 100 30
12 130 30
15 150 50
20 170 60
26 220 100
32 250 160
40 400 250
50 500 350

Installation Guidelines

Push-On Installation

1. Cut the tube straight, de-burr and chamfer the tube so as not to damage the O-Ring on application 2. Important - Push the tube through the End-Stop to ensure )-Ring seal.

3. The tube securely in position 4. Removal - After pressure has been removed, removal of the tube is effected by pressing in the Acetyl collet.

Dimensions Application Temperatures Maximum Pressure
A B C L1 +5C - +95C Max Flexible (ID) Max.
10 3/8" 17 20 10 1200 KPa
10 1/2" 20 25

Note: Use only for non coated copper tube. 
Not to be used in any gas applications

General Installation


- Avoid local bending
- Avoid twisting
- Make bend radius as large as possible in applications where there is repeated movement
- Do not pull the flexible connector
- Avoid stretching or shrinking the hose
- The installer is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the installation
- This product is not designed for use in inaccessible locations or below ground
- The installer is responsible for ensuring fitness for purpose and the integrity of the installation. Ensure fitment threads are clean and seals are undamaged
- Avoid incorrect application
- Avoid overtightening
- Avoid exposure to corrosive agents.

Installation Instructions
Water and Gas Connectors

If you are unable to get the best result, please take into consideration the following points when installing this product.

The installer is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the installation. This product is not designed for use in inaccessible locations or below ground.

Ensure that threads are clean and sealing surfaces are undamaged on both elements of the fitment. Ensure the stainless steel braid is not subjected to abrasion or corrosive agents.

Refer to the hose label for the torque required to achieve an effective seal for each end connector.

Plumbezy Flexible Connectors are not designed to be subjected to tensile or compression stress, particularly in some configurations of expansion joints.

Do not twist, kink, or stretch, and ensure that the hose is not exposed to external stress.

The operating temperature and working pressure ranges vary for each product. Compare the particulars of your installation with table on page TTD2 to ensure suitability.

To avoid subjecting the hose to stresses it was not designed for, compare the particulars of your installation with the diagram on page INS3.

Pressure Loss Calculation

Calculation method to determine loss in a flexible hose (hose + connectors).

Formula ∆  p = (TxL) + R (in m Bar)

T = Pressure loss in m bar per metre length of hose for each ID against flow M3/H (Diagram 1)
L = Length of flexible hose in metres
R = Pressure loss across 2 straight connectors (Male/Female). Under same conditions as T (diagram 2).
For a flexible hose incorporating 1 straight connector and elbow: R value x 1.5
For a flexible hose incorporating 2 elbows: R value x 3

- Flexible hose, ID 15mm, Length 0.5m Male/Female Flow = 1,000 L/H,
∆ p = (21m Bar/m x 0.5m) + 17 m Bar = 27.5m Bar
- Flexible hose, ID 20mm, Length 0.8m Male/Female Flow = 1,000 L/H,
∆ p = (2.6m Bar/m x 0.8m) + (2m Bar x 1.5m) = 5.08m Bar