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Stainless Steel Connector Assembly

Reliable, economical, practical & flexible

Flexible Stainless Steel Connectors Comprise of the following

1. Innertube of either EPDM for water or Nitrile for fuel gas
2. 304 stainless steel braid
3. End fittings made from either DR brass, free machined brass or chromed steel
4. 304 stainless steel ferrules
5. Crimping

Braided flexible connectors

Our braided flexible connectors are carefully designed to provide the maximum performance possible for Australian and New Zealand conditions. Our flexible connector is designed to convey fluid from one point to another with a pressurised piping system. Our flexible connector is designed to withstand very high static or bursting pressure. When pressurised the rubber tube liner expands. The braiding thereby prevents the tube liner from further expansion.

Another feature is that the braiding is external and not connected to the tube liner. This allows our flexible connector to be very tensile yet have the ability to withstand very high static pressure.

Another feature is that, because of the greater resilience, our flexible connectors have a greater ability to absorb hydro shock or water hammer. In many cases water hammer may be greatly reduced, or eliminated altogether.

Braided water flexible connectors

Braided Water Flexible Connectors

Our range of water flexible connectors consists of: exceptionally formulated EPDM rubber tube liner complying in all reports to AS/NZ 4020; external braiding using 304 grade austenitic stainless steel; precision machined end fittings crimped in place using 304 grade austenitic stainless steel ferrules.

All components are crafted, tested and inspected by trained staff and quality endorsed to ISO 9022 and Watermark standards.

Braided gas flexible connectors

Braided Gas Flexible ConnectorsOur braided gas flexible connectors consists of: specially formulated extruded rubber tube liner; external braiding using 304 grade stainless steel; precision machined brass end fittings, crimped in place using 304 grade austenitic stainless steel ferrules.

All components are crafted, tested and inspected by trained staff and quality endorsed to ISO 9002 standards. The  Plumbezy gas braided flexible connector is of high quality, high strength, with maximum flexibility for ease of connection and reliable service.

PVC gas flexible connectors

PVC Gas Flexible ConnectorsOur range of PVC Gas Connectors comprise of coextruded gas tube with internal braided reinforcement. A comprehensive range of fittings are securely crimped in place using Aquaknect’s unique method.

Suitable for most low pressure and some high pressure applications, including camping, barbecue and general low pressure applications.

Available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm inside diameters.

Insulated flexible connectors

Insulated Flexible ConnectorsPlumbezy insulated flexible water connectors are a highly efficient method of insulating against both heat loss and heat gain, as well as controlling condensation. This provides a highly flexible connector for use in the airconditioning, heating and sanitation industries.

Plumbezy insulation is a highly flexible closed cell structure with a built-in vapour barrier that provides a very high resistance to water vapour transmission due to its CFC-Free, grey elastomeric insulation. The insulation has been specifically developed for use in buildings where the highest standards of fire and smoke protection are necessary. The engineered wall concept provides a constant surface temperature for a normal wall thickness under a given set of environmental and service conditions.


The end fittings are attached to the stainless steel connector by a special machined crimping process designed by Aquaknect Flexibles

A practical product

- At the same time functional and aesthetic
- Simple to install, equally in restricted spaces or with non-aligned components without the need for brazed joins or bends.
- Ease of maintenance or replacement
- Absorbs noise and expansion, deadens ram effect considerably, as well as water hammer.

The advantages of stainless steel connectors

- High physical strength
- Suitable for wide temperature range (Water: 1 - 95°C, Gas: -20 - 125°C)
- Fire resistant
- Long life (when installed correctly)
- Connects misaligned rigid piping
- Connects moving parts of machinery and equipment
- Installation made more flexible and easier
- No brazing, no welding, no cutting or re-shaping, no wastage
- Insulation features (insulated connectors)
- Reduced noise in pipe work
- Reduction in corrosion problems
- Reduction in labour costs
- We can customise the flexible connectors to suit any application

An ecomonical product

In time
- Quick and easy to install, allowing time to be saved at the design stage as well as during installation of up to 75%
- Reduced on site labour hours

In cost
- Cost price of the installation known in advance
- Reduction in labour costs
- Less installation tools required
- No wastage (no pipe to cut, assemble or braze)

Typical applications

Water and Gas Flexible Connectors

Flexible Gas Connectors
Water Heater
B Gas Heater
C Gas Burners
D Gas Oven
E Gas Barbeque
F Portable Gas Heater (bayonet one end)

Flexible Water/Air Connectors
Kitchen sink set
2 Wash basin set

Bath set
4 Spa bath set
5 Shower "kit sets"
6 Vanity unit/wash basin set
7 Toilet cistern
8 Bidset set
9 Wash tub set
10 Water heater set
11 Dish washer set
12 Washing machine set
13 Filtration and pumps for swimming pool sets

Air conditioning plant hot and cold water set
15 Solar heating installation set
16 Hot water radiator (hospital type) set
17 Base board heater (hot water) set

- Gas Flex must only be used for gas applications
- Water Flex must only be used for water applications